Internet Identity Workshop XVIII, May 6-8

Why you should come

Do you care about privacy in Age of Surveillance? (You should.) Do you want to do something about it? Are you already doing something about it? IIW is where you get to meet and work alongside others tackling the same problem.

Or let's say you care about new forms of money (such as Bitcoin) and what the geeks call distributed hash and crypto ledgers. IIW is for you too.

Same goes for everybody working on personal clouds, stores, lockers, vaults and other first-person data systems and services. The Internet of Things. VRM (Vendor Relationship Management). Data liberation and portability. Distributed trust frameworks. Non-coercive legal agreements. Personal sovereignty. Heterarchy vs. Hierarchy. The Indie Web. Earned (rather than coerced) customer loyalty. Marketing when customers hold most of the cards.

Identity is at the heart of all those topics, along with many others we've worked on at seventeen IIWs (Internet Identity Workshops) since 2005.

Register now for IIW XVIII on May 6-8. And do it soon, because it's likely to fill up. Then mark your calendar for #19 on October 28-30.

About IIW

IIW is an un-conference. It has no keynotes or panels, so it's about getting stuff done.

Participants choose the topics, which are discussed in breakout rooms, with a full gathering at the start and close of each day — and lots of productive conversation in the meantime. Notes of each breakout are kept, and learnings are published in the wiki.

IIW is a high-leverage event: ideal for anybody who wants to move both code and conversation forward. Many initiatives and standards have been on many tables at IIW over the years. OAuth and OpenID are two of them. The Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, ProjectVRM and many other .orgs (as well as .coms) either grew directly out of IIW, or in soil enriched by conversation and hackery at IIW.

IIW is cheap, as conferences go. ROI is also maximized by absence of company-driven agendas. Corporate participation is by humble sponsors who like what IIW does for the world — and to supply free meals each day and an all-day espresso bar.

Register now for IIW XVIII on May 6-8.


IIW runs on food and our sponsors make that happen!